What Inspires UsWith One Mission: To enable digitalization for the underserved grassroots SME population to improve and build the capacity of business community with data processing and analysis.

Armiena Group Sdn Bhd (1373353-A) was incorporated in July 2020. A fully Malaysian / Bumiputera - owned company; Formerly known as Armiena Solutions and Armiena Technologies, the company served as a software and creative agency, has grown to become a Digital Technology Start-up Company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In July 2020, with having aspired by Malaysia’s National Policy on Industry 4.0 or Industry4WR and due to the breadth and depth of the technology industry and its related services, growing at about 80% annual sale derived from project services, Armiena Group Sdn Bhd was established and it will set out to revolutionize the digital world with the launch of its newest products – SenangUrus, TAJARA O2O eCommerce and SenangLink.
With the years of experiences gained from assisting big names in corporate sector, Armiena took another big leap. With having adapted to the corporate world, Armiena Group Sdn. Bhd. was introduced with a new business model. Armiena Group was incorporated with the ambition to help by bringing technology solutions that enable enterprises to become more productive and efficient while spending less acquiring it.

We believe in taking a proactive approach: Identifying and resolving small problems before they become big expensive ones. With our range of products and services, we offer solutions that clients can be free from hassles or worrying about their technology bottleneck and to be able to spend valuable time and energy focusing fully on in their businesses.
We are the solution provide ecosystem solution for Digitalization in business for the Business Digital Transformation in an company / organization, etc.

Armiena Group Sdn Bhd is a 100% Malaysian Bumiputera and all the solution is developed in Malaysia by Malaysian Bumiputera. We are developing the Business Digitalization Operating System and our ERP namely SenangUrus is part of the digitial solution.

Our solution covers end to end point whereby SMEs easily can adapt without an IT knowledge. It has developed in such a way that anyone able to use it if they are able to use a smartphone. It doesn't require any programming like others complex system in the market ie SAP.

Throughout the ecosystem and solution, company and its organization able to benefit such as productivity improvement, new business & revenue, create a digital workforce and environment using a human friendly interface solution, etc.

At the same, we provide Business Digitalization Transformation service where we measure the company performance (Before & After the implementation). This is a value added service since we have a line up of Industry experts to perform this. This is an enhancement service and capability which makes us different from other solution provider.

Based on the business benchmarking and best practice, an ERP will be a priority before the Digitalization in shop-floor. It provides a high impact to the business efficiency. Yes, with the combination will be a total improvement for an organization.